(Not exactly summer, but still, it was a warm and sunny day)

Who would have thought!! Last week I went to see Niagara Falls again!! A lot has changed since then, of course. I have finished my Bachelor’s studies, changed my hair color(big deal) and unfortunately, officially became unemployed. Well, change is not always good, but it can bring some interesting things like spiritual content to your life. Which is exactly what happened to me. My parents came all the way from Turkey to see the commencement in Montana and then we traveled to Ohio to see my brother. He decided that since mom and dad are here, they need to see lots of places, including Niagara Falls! So why is this so exciting?

Aside from my inexplicable respect to massive water bodies(I almost cried when I sat half an hour next to Nile), I had visited Niagara Falls last winter. It was an amazing experience for me because I had never seen it before, and it left me in awe. I took lots of pictures that day, recorded everything with pictures and I remember promising myself taking the exact same pictures if I ever come back to the Falls. Well, I did come back; I did not take the exact same pictures, but I got some pretty good ones that I would like to show you. This time, I didn’t have to take the train to go to Buffalo, nor I had a broken lens and went around the town for 2 hours searching for a cheap 18-55 mm lens. This time, my brother and I drove three and a half hours to get to Niagara falls and stayed there for only two hours because we had plenty of other things to do for the next day. Trying to remember what I did the last time, I walked straight to the far side of the falls again, this time to be welcome by rainbows, instead of an icy `CLOSED` sign:

It was so lively, I couldn’t believe it was the same place I visited six months ago! There were a bunch of people, they were filming, there were children running around and seagulls just trying to drink from the water (but being the dumb flying rats they are, they were getting caught in the current, so they had to fly back to their previous position in every three seconds). It was simply breathtaking to see all this, and this time it was hot, people were wearing their tank tops, flip flops, sunglasses and enjoying the day! This time, the mist coming from the falls felt like a refreshing gift from the gods, cooling our body and soothing our souls.Our trip to Niagara Falls wasn’t planned very well, though. That is why we had to skip the Maid of The Mist trip that I really wanted to take(mainly because I had a GoPro). We still walked to the observation deck and had a proper view of the whole Falls area. I was once again, left speechless, all thanks to mother nature. Something had woken up inside me seeing all the stuff that was once covered in thick ice come to life; from insects to birds, from bacteria to huge tourist groups(as you can imagine, number of people was way higher than winter).

I thought about how to end this post for at least half an hour. I just didn’t want to repeat the stuff that I said six months ago. Going back to the post, I had said that I considered myself lucky to have seen it. I guess I could say, I feel extremely happy that I got to see this place twice, once in winter and once in summer, witness all the beauties that world shows us, no matter the season. I remember a friend telling me to visit it during fall, and now that I think of it, it seems highly likely!! Fingers crossed!!!