I’ve been quite obsessive about Futurama(Again) nowadays, and I must state, it truly is one of the greatest Science Fiction shows. It’s not just the jokes or lines or the fact that Simpsons has an influence on this TV show, it’s the incredible imagination of the creators. What mostly makes me laugh more than jokes is the weird inventions of Professor Farnsworth or the ones that are already present in the year 3000. So, let’s take a good look at the best inventions in Futurama, and hope that someday we’ll get to see them.

We won’t really see most of them, since they’re impossible to exist but who cares, right?


A man can dream. Designed by Hubert J. Farnsworth, yet still not invented in the year 3000. The index finger was developed longer than the other ones to provide important tasks like giving briefings easier or poking people while they’re sleeping. Finglonger is the most useless yet useful invention from Futurama.

Probability of existing: 1

Space Ships with Personalities:

Yeah, I know. Planet Express Ship(or the ScienceMobile?) wasn’t the first ship with a personality and there are many sci-fi movies which has an AI installed on the ship. Yet, I have seen this on Futurama too and I WANT IT. I want my ship to talk to me, guide me and help me with defenses. I even have a name for mine: EDI(Enhanced Defense Intelligence). Yeah sounds too Mass Effect 2 but what can I say? At least she doesn’t go crazy and vacuum the whole air in the ship just because she broke up with Legion. Come on. How immature is that?

Probability of existing: We don’t have spaceships, and we don’t have powerful AI’s. But I’ll give a 100 years for this one to be invented.

The Internet

I know you smart ass. DUH. Not this one. I mean the one in Futurama! The Internet where you can play arcade games and date in 3D! And this way, you can’t be an internet smart-ass or prince charming; it would save both the time and the money spent on those useless junk. And Think about the internet gaming! You can actually play Call of Duty or Left for Dead like it’s actually happening! That would be some crazy shit, a new era in internet gaming. WOOOOO!

Probability of existing: I bet somebody out there is actually trying to make this come true.

Bending Units

This is where the fun starts. Think about a robot which has to drink alcohol in order to process, smokes cigars for no particular reason, swears a lot and wants to kill all humans! Yes, Bender Bending Rodriguez is just one of the bending units in Futurama, but we already know other bending units are fun too. Take Flexo, for instance. He would usually say things that would break your heart, but you knew he was always kidding. Not just that, they’re great companions too! They would be the best friends of us nerds and idiots(reference point: Phillip J. Fry). And they have a purpose other than sitting on the couch all day long and drinking booze: Bending girders! Think about the work they could do. If they weren’t too lazy about it.

Probability of existing: Very low. We have to build AI’s, robots that could work like us humans do. And I’m sure a bending unit which works on alcohol would be the last thing that a robot manufacturer wants to develop.

The Smellescope

Behold! The mighty Smellescope!! Think about the implications of this awesome device! You could actually smell anything in the universe! Physically impossible, yet it would be nice to smell the hourglass nebula or the horsehead nebula. If anyone cooks a good dinner at the house filled with naked girls across the street; or something smelled wrong in the universe, you’d be the first to know it!!! Just try not to smell Uranus(Urektum in 3000).

Probability of Existing: Zero.

The Mind Switcher

“We’re just the people this mind switcher was made for by us!”

Say, you’re a woman and want to experience what it’s like to be a man for just one day. Then the Mind Switcher is just the device for you! Too bad you can’t return to your old body once you switch minds with another. Yet, you can use MATH and calculate how many more people you need to get back to your original body. But here’s the Good News, Everyone! The leader of the Harlem Globetrotters Ethan ‘Bubblegum’ Tate has calculated the number of people you need to get back to your original body as 2(two). So all you need is two more people willing to change minds.

Probability of existing: With this huge engineering error, I’d say none. I’m totally fine with the science behind mind switching(I hope to god you don’t need  a sarcasm sign for this).

Third & Third & Third

Don’t really know what it does, but Bender uses it for making a birthday cake for Nibbler.

Probability of existing: If one day humanity needs one more ingredient for Half & Half, yes; we might actually have Third & Third & Third.

Head in A Jar
Ah! By far the best invention in Futurama! From Leonard Nimoy to Pamela Anderson; from Beck to Richard Nixon, every single historical figure has their head put in jars! Just think what we can get from them!