Warning: Most of the reviews do not contain spoilers but this one does. So read at your own risk. What I’m going to mention is something more than actors or the director of this movie. If you can’t stand the Matrix philosophy, don’t stay here. Get the Fuck Out and let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Since its moment of announcement, I knew Inception was going to be something else entirely; the amazing distortion of reality mixed with a pinch of madness. I didn’t know anything about the plot, just watched a few bits from teaser and there I was at the movie theater. My expectations were clearly high as it usually is with movies which have amazingly well produced trailers(300 and Avatar is just two of many). 99% of the time, I go home disappointed(300 and Avatar is just two of many[Surprised?]). This time, everything changed.

Most of us have met Christopher Nolan with Prestige, Memento and new Batman Series. I doubt anyone will say he wasn’t able to handle them.  The first Batman was OK. The second one was a giant leap for selfless hippie drones(JK, you delirious morons. I love The Dark Knight) because it promoted anarchy and was put behind a strong ideology. Similarly, Inception is put on a very strong pedestal of ideas and even though it has four different incidents with identical characters in the very same timescale, it manages to catch the watcher’s attention. Of course we can’t just thank the director for that because every single detail is put into the movie very thoroughly, including the great score by Hans Zimmer. I’m not mentioning the actors because even though I think the choice of actors were a little sloppy, I doubt someone will say they were not at one of their best.

While the major components of the movie make it a blockbuster, the details behind it are what makes this movie so damn good. Let’s examine the character, Ariadne, the architect of dreams. Ariadne was believed to be the “Mistress of the Labyrinth” in Greek Mythology and in the movie she uses a Bishop(chess piece) as a Totem. In Catholic Church, bishops are entrusted with their position and oversight. She is an overseer and a flawless guardian of Dom Cobb, representing the logic and rationalism with a chess piece totem while Dom Cobb represents emotions and irrational thinking(his totem is a spin top, remind you). Another good reference that made me smile was the talk about ideas acting like viruses. It reminded me of Daniel Dennett’s talk on TED. You can watch it here and see how similar Dennett’s talk and Dom Cobb’s idea of inception. Dennet states: “It’s the ideas that hijack our minds[…]Now am I saying a sizable minority of the world’s population has had their brain hijacked by parasitic ideas?” while mentioning memes, and Dom Cobb mentions that ideas are like parasites: “What’s the most resilient parasite? An Idea.”. I was amazed, amused and really happy to hear this, although what Dennett is talking about in that clip is religion while Dom Cobb extends Dennett’s hypothesis to almost every idea. You can watch the video [Here].

A Note: I didn’t mean to imply that Christopher Nolan came up with “ideas infecting people”. I was just amused how the two are similar. Sorry for the misunderstanding I caused.

About a week ago, I was discussing the perception of reality with one of my friends. If you intensely dream for quite a long time, and when you suddenly wake up, how can you tell the difference between real life and the dreamworld? Are things you see with your eyes and perceive with your mind really real? Or are yourself the architect of everything you set as reality? You know you touch it, you know you feel it. But what if those feelings are  just simple products of your subconscious? Testing these questions are simply impossible(or probable. Maybe I’m too narrow minded to see how). Hypothetic0-Deductive Model will not get us anywhere unless someday we see Morpheus-figure coming for us and showing both the red pill and the blue pill. Maybe Mal was right from the beginning! What if the only way to wake up from this so called reality is just to end it? Questions pop, they vanish but one thing’s for sure: you won’t be getting anywhere with observation or experimentation.

So, what do you do with it? When scientific method is not an option, you either discuss the subject with friends for hours, then at the end all you have is a huge fear of not knowing anything about this world and even our own mind followed by horrible headaches(that’s how it ended for me)or, you can go watch a movie about it! Matrix looks like a piece of crap near this awesome motion picture, and I’m proud to say that it’s one of the best movies I’ve watched in a  movie theater since… I don’t even know when!