I want to be perfectly honest with you guys. I can get distracted easily; and as you can guess, it also occurs a lot in my classes. Especially in biochemistry and bioengineering processes. To pull myself back together, I go to the last page of my notebook and draw things. The picture you see on your left is called a Mass Relay, from the popular Bioware game, Mass Effect. Its shape and design always looked so elegant to me, needless to say it’s also very easy to draw.
Before doing this, I must deeply apologize from my Biochemistry and Bioengineering instructors. It’s not because you guys are boring, it’s because I get bored easily(knowing that they won’t even read this, you can say that I’m trying to relieve myself of the guilt). So one day when I was in my biochemistry class and guess what? I got bored and began to draw a mass relay with a pink pen. This is how it turned out:

Yep. It’s a pink mass relay. Pretty boring stuff. Now check out the other mass relay I drew on the other side of the page. Notice that they are not on the same piece of paper.And what I realized today is significantly weird. Here’s what happens when you put together those two pages:
They’re almost identical to each other, and believe me, I did not copy these two. Funny how brain works in different ways.