Mendeleev’s periodic table of the elements helped us throughout our journey to chemistry, biology, physics and many other sciences I can’t think of. And now it’s serving for lots of other things. Here is the list of the Periodic Tables of Stuff.

A classic periodic table of the  elements, I thought it would be nice to remember Mendeleev for his amazing design. Thanks to him from Me in the name of all natural society of the world.
Source: ElementsDatabase


A table of all the awesome things in the world, including Chuck Norris.
Source: ıO9

Criminal Elements:
A pretty good one. From Katrina to Petroleum, from baseball to MORON, you have everything to laugh at. Enjoy.
Source: Scienceblogs

The periodic table of typefaces, a perfect valentine’s day gift for your geek lover, and a wonderful poster to stare for hours.
Source: dirkdallas

Bringing back the good ol’ days, eh?

Google, Yahoo, FSM and more.
Source: No source, just found it on imageshack. Sorry guys.

It doesn’t look that sweet when you look at the molecular structures. But boy, do they look awesome!
Source: eblong

And for your viewing pleasure, THE REAL PERIODIC TABLE:

Thank you, and have a very fun weekend. Hope to eat on that table one day!