I can’t believe time has passed so  quickly. I mean, I remember coming here, emptying my packs, meeting new people at the international pizza party and all, now there are only 27 days to go back to Turkey. It is amazing how I missed the smell of bosphorus as I was sitting and sipping my coffee in Bebek, seeing 1 million different people on Istiklal, getting bored and taking the car as riding to the nearest Starbucks… There isn’t even a Starbucks in Bozeman. Yeah, I haven’t had a good Starbucks Coffee in 4 months. So the countdown for Christmas Break has officially begun.

And The Big News! There are only 3 days to go to Disney World! As one having a `child at heart` perk, you can’t imagine how excited I am for Orlando, Florida. I even made the plans for the rides and parks. That is not the end, I will be going there with my brother, so the taste of a sip of family will be in there for my pleasure.

Some time in my past life, If they told me that I will be missing my parents and family, I would probably laugh my ass off. Now I know what they would have meant If they actually told me that. Only 27 days. Hang in there baby!