I had my plans of having a secondary blog in English–my secondary language. Apparently, I forgot it. Now, I’m back in business and reporting from Bozeman, MT. An amazing state university of environmental sciences and engineering. I will be mentioning my experiences and my attempts on making a good scientist of myself as I continue my education. So… Enough with the boring stuff already. Let’s hit the stumble button and see what it brings up:

Biology and Evolutionary Theory

I looked it up a bit for you, this website contains some very interesting articles about biology and evolutionary theory including macroevolution. If you have questions in mind, i suggest that you should go on and take a look at the website and spend your time on reading those articles and books. They even have the Origin of Species. Of course if you are a starter and know nothing about evolution except “being evolved from monkeys”, just leave it there and start reading wikipedia. When you begin to grow a conscience about what evolution is, just return back to that website I just suggested and read the weird facts. I guarantee that it is much more interesting than any of you think.